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Well, hello there!

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This is late. I have no business opening another blog, but I wanted to do this for me.

Writing is not the only way I can escape into that dimension that borders our reality; it is also my true passion. I can spend hours blissfully lost in cooking up new stories on my PC and the best thing about having this ticket to that dimension is the fact that it’s free and I can return anytime I want.

I have no business opening another blog, seeing that I already have a few blogs.

And now, here’s La Petit Muse.

It’s hard trying to come up with names for a new blog, but I know I wanted the word ‘muse’ to be a part of this one. I know I won’t be updating this blog regularly due to my busy schedule, but I’ll try to keep it running smooth as a Mercedes.

On Writing

When I was younger and my imagination was crazy, I wanted to share my stories with the world as grammatically incorrect as they were. As I grew older, I decided that although I had talent, my stories were not enough. It lacked a sense of storytelling and let’s just say that I envied the way a gifted writer has this skilled smooth way with words. I don’t have that gift, but with practice, practice, practice, practice, I know I can get better.

We’re here to write. It doesn’t matter if we make grammatical errors, it doesn’t matter if we don’t have a gifted way with words and it certainly doesn’t matter where we come from. Writing is our bond and we may not have a bestseller material in mind, but we’re here to write.

As for the actual writing itself, I am still developing and although I tend to lean toward the interracial romance department, I’ve decided to try other genres at least once. The irony about writing romance is the simple fact that I dislike romance, yet I’m good at writing it. I just don’t get into that happily-ever-after ending crap because I’ve never bought it.

Fan Fiction (Michael Jackson)

This happened by accident. Someone asked me to look at the now defunct MJJ Board and I ended up opening an account to read one story that caught my attention but found myself getting caught up in several others. I decided to try my hand at writing my very own MJJ fanfic. It was named after an MJ song – Cinderella Stay Awhile – and although it was not up to par with some of the featured talent, I received positive feedback and words of encouragement. I tried my hand at another and another and another, and now, I am working on a new one (Kind of. It was requested.)

I don’t know if I’ll share any here.

Featured Stories: Marcus and Ray da Díxon

After completing NaNoWriMo 2014, I was told to open a blog and share my creativity. Ha! Creativity! I may feature some teasers although at the moment I am still uncertain of sharing my stories. I am not afraid of criticism, I am afraid of thieves. What we share on the internet, if we’re not careful, can get stolen by another party and all our hard work would be for naught. So yes, I have an internet sharing phobia.

I hope to entertain with my unique (and strange) characters, especially with my gorgeous French mirror identical twins, Marcus and Ray. They became a hit when I was not looking, and although I won’t be sharing all of their stories, I hope the ones I share would be appreciated.

A work in progress

La Petit Muse is a work in progress and it’s going to be so for a long time. I have many ideas in mind on how I want the blog to look like, but I’m not going to rush it. I was recently given a new task at work and it’s currently taking up the majority of my time along with my studies and main blog, so this one is going to be a while before I can get it running off the ground.

Be patient with me.

Welcome to La Petit Muse. I hope you enjoy your stay.



Living for God. God is always good to me and I am trying to be good to Him on a daily basis. I put God before anything else because I trust Him over people for He always has my back. 💙

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